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Jiangsu JieDa Specific New Material Co.,Ltd Jiangsu JieDa Specific New Material Co.,Ltd.

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Jiangsu JieDa Specific New Materials Co.,LTD.

JieDa provide you special material as below:

(A)High quality, high precise, high strength, high-performance, light-weight specific shaped steel pipe.

(B)High quality, high precise, high strength cold drawn steel bar

(C)High quality, high precise, high strength, light-weight spare parts for vehicle, rail, aerospace

Company profile
Jiangsu JieDa Specific New Material Co.,Ltd was established in Jan 1997. Since it’s foundation, we focus on high-performance new steel material developing. Integrated with strong design, R & D, manufacturing and marketing capacity, we have successfully served the customer from various business line. Now we have developed our factory into the competitive manufacturer for specific shaped steel material with the largest workshop scale, complete specification, as well as the top R & D qualification.
       The company locates in the Jiangyin City, among the developed Yangze river delta, and neighbouring of Shanghai & Nanjing which provide us the convenient transportation network for customer’s visiting and cargo delivery ...[more]

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Contact Information:


Jiangsu Jieda Specific New Material Co.,Ltd.
Address: No. 88-98 GangCheng Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu, China
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